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Start-to-Finish Commercial Electrical.

In the electrical industry, our dedicated project management team takes the lead in overseeing every facet of your commercial electrical project, from its inception to its successful completion. We assume responsibility for pre-construction and construction services, including critical tasks such as budget development, meticulous scheduling, collaboration with architects and engineers, and the deployment of skilled professionals to supervise specific project areas, such as electrical work. Our experienced construction managers ensure that all aspects of your project receive thorough oversight, including contract management and technical document guidance. Additionally, we prioritize the smooth progression of your project by providing daily onsite supervision, ensuring that the project advances seamlessly and without any disruptions. Trust our project management expertise to deliver your commercial electrical project with efficiency and excellence.

Our Value Promise

In the electrical industry, our design/build process revolutionizes the construction project by seamlessly integrating the design and construction teams. This collaborative approach enables clear delineation of roles and responsibilities, streamlining communication for the project owner. By centralizing project management under one point of contact, our method ensures simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Our dedicated project team takes charge of every aspect of the project, harmonizing the project requirements with the specific needs of our valued customers. Embrace our design/build process for a streamlined and efficient electrical construction experience.


Through rigorous specifications, precise cost estimates, pre-construction meetings, and strategic partnerships with the nation’s best material suppliers, CNN Electrical adds value to every job. We also adhere to the most stringent pre-qualification requirements for subcontractors in the building industry. These elements allow CNN Electrical to offer superior constructions at a higher price point, in addition to our ongoing commitment to outstanding craftsmanship, ethical business practices, and your complete happiness.

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